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3-ply Surgical Face Mask by MICO -X

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An excellent close fitting mask with required filtration parameters for safety against virus transfers which is affordable, durable, yet extremely comfortable for daily use in warm humid conditions.

3 Layers of pleated material with concealed nose clip.
Comfortable inner-most layer to absorb moisture.
Skin-friendly non-woven fabric.
Non-woven middle meltdown fabric filter for maximum bacterial filtration.
Seal packed within cartons for increased Hygiene safety.

• Efficient protective melt-blown cloth, light & breathable yet provides excellent filtration capabilities.
• Comfortable non-woven fabric doesn't irritate or chafe sensitive skin over long periods of usage.
• Ultrasonic seamless technology, closes end seams and links ear-loops to masks for minimal skin chafing.
• Durable nylon nose strip for comfortable and good shaping properties anchors mask firmly for safe use.

This product complies with the BFE and PFE standards specified by YY/T 0469-2011 Surgical mask.

•BFE- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
BFE measures the filtration efficiency of a mask using viable (live) particles (bacteria) that vary in size from 1 to 5 microns.

• PFE- Particle Filtration Efficiency
PFE measures the filtration efficiency of a mask using nonviable particles that are fixed in size from 0.1 micron to 1 micron.


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