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Hook Weight Lifting Wrap Straps

  • $3190

Designed to help push your training, the Adidas Hook Lifting Straps provide a solid connection to the bar for heavier lifting. Featuring a steel hook with a durable material cover, the straps wrap securely around the wrist with a strong Velcro fastening for added support.

• Neoprene inside wrist strap for added comfort
• Nylon material with extra wide Velcro® closure to support wrist
• One size fits all
• Steel hook to support heavy lifting, accommodating any size handle or bar

Details : Hook lifting straps with steel hooks to help increase the amount of weight you can hold in your hands

Adding metal to your grip can help you lift heavier weights than you ever dreamed of. The steel hooks are designed to help you increase the amount of weight that you can hold in your hands by taking the weight through the hooks rather than relying solely on the strength of your fingers. Nylon and Velcro® wrist straps create a firm yet comfortable fit that is adjustable to accommodate a range of wrist sizes.

Hook lifting straps are primarily designed to be used for lifts where the bar stays below head height, for example; rows, deadlifts, bent-over row and cleans are ideal exercises when you are using your heaviest weight in a training session.

The Velcro® wrist band is intended to wrap around your forearm rather than sit directly over the wrist joint. This allows your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons to contribute to the strength activity rather than being restricted.

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