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Weight Lifting Straps Hook - Heavy Duty Steel (PAIR)

  • $2990


These unique grips takes the burden off your fingers and transfers the weight directly to your back, shoulders, arms and traps that you are target training. 
  • Soft, durable
  • Perfect for training and gym session
  • Touch and close fastening
  • Elasticated fastening
  • - This set of hooks lifting straps is Super HEAVY duty! 
    - Built in Velcro & nylon heavy duty Strap/webbing for a tight wrap & FIT 
    - Wrist area is EXTRA padded with FOAM Padding and is very comfortable 
    - Hooking portion is extra wide, giving a good fit and balance on the bar. 
    - The STEEL hook/cup is lined with a new soft pliable liner material for a non-slip grip on the bar. 
    - One pair per package

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