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Reebok Battle Rope

  • $22900

A common CrossFit equipment, the Reebok Battling Rope is a heavy-duty, 10m long polyester rope with rubber woundings at each end for a good grip. These typically enhance an athlete's grip, strength and overall levels of functional training capacity by building up a peak heart rate through a variety of motions. 

They can be wrapped around an anchor point whilst the user holds the rope at the other end to perform high intensity, muscle-building rope exercises such as the double wave, alternating wave, shoulder circles and snakes on the floor. These are just a few of the possible exercises you can perform from a range of wave, slam, compound and explosive movements and constant movements battling with the floor. 

Change-up or add a new metabolic element to your strength training with the heavy-duty Reebok Battling Rope. 

• 3.8cm rope diameter 
• Creates a high intensity cardio and strength workout 
• Extremely durable design 
• Reebok Battling Rope - Heavy 10m long polyester rope 
• Rubber wounds at each end for better grip 
• Est. Weight: 7.6 kg

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