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This set adds up to 50KG.

You're equipped with a 4 feet barbell, a pair of 14" dumbell bars. Chrome weight plates.

Everything is encased in a smart carrier box with heavy-duty trolley wheels for ease of transportation.

It comes with the following:

•6 x 1/2KG Chrome Weight Plates

•6 x 1.25KG Chrome Weight Plates

•4 x 2.5KG Chrome Weight Plates

•4 x 5KG Chrome Weight Plates •6 x Threaded collars

•2 x 14" Dumbbell Bar (Rubber gripped)

•1 x 60" Barbell

•Box with 2 rollers to encasing it all

Adjust your weights, to start on lighter weights at a higher rep, and add up as you do your regular 3 or 4 sets as you knock down the reps. You don't really need a fitness trainer ! Build up & work out right in the comfort of your own home. The 4 feet barbell allows for more squats, chest & shoulder press routines & fits almost all if not most bench presses, if you own one.


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