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Bar V-Grip Rowing Handle -

  • $6900

Rowing Handle V Grip

Heavy-duty construction solid cast with knurled handle bars for better grip. Connect the metal attachment to any universal gym system for an intense workout during your rows and lats....
Also for your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs & to improve your grip strength when used in different variations!

Gym carabiner & chain connector looped to your weight-plates, and you've got yourself one awesome home-gym grip routine starting for you with a whole different grip resistance no dumbell nor barbell can ever offer!

Excellent for seated rows and close grip lat pull downs in particular but can be used for multiple other exercises. Use it with a weighted barbell poked in a corner and you've got a great combo for goblet squats and bent-over rows.


  • Made with Heavy Duty Steel Cast Iron
  • High Polished Chrome Finish
  • Contoured Grips for Easy Grip & Support
  • Knurled Handles
  • Easy to Attach

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