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Cross Grip Hair-Bands by MaxFlowSports +

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Science + innovation = The MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip® Hairband.

Cross-Grip, the latest in hairband technology.
A high performance sports headband that stays in place, doesn’t stretch out, and is an asset to the athlete, rather than a nuisance.

The Cross-Grip
 hairband was birthed under high quality and performance standards, with many athletes involved in the beta testing phase. Guaranteed to keep sweaty hair out of your eyes, control your flow, and help you look your best. The patented MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip technology will secure the band and keep you focused on your goal.

Its proprietary, patent-pending Cross-Grip technology is the latest in science for hair control, no matter what your game. Most headbands are generally a nuisance, sliding and stretching out, but the latest head band from MaxFlowSports solves those problems through it‘s revolutionary innovation. The Cross-Grip technology really does keep the band in place, and it's special band compound helps it to return to it’s original form, even over time.

Whether you compete for fun or compete for keeps, don’t let inferior hairbands spoil the action by ensuring yours stays in place and stays true to form.

Get the science. Get the MaxFlowSports Cross-Grip Hairband

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