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Sharing as a social responsibility via this, "public service message". With the rise in artificial surfaces and lesser natural grass (firm grounds) in Singapore, we have to be educated on the type of cleats that we buy. We have a friend who tore his ACL recently and this post is forwarded from him.

Dear all,

Here's something important to share on the findings to my ACL tear. I had an appointment today with an Orthopaedic Specialist and during my visit, i met a few others there having the same knee problems. Chatting with a few of them, i learnt they sustained similar injuries playing on artificial pitches.

During my session with the specialist and before I could explain how I got my injury, he already guessed how I got it. He stressed on it, and wanted me to bring this IMPORTANT info to my mates that when on artificial pitches, NEVER EVER wear soccer boots that are not meant for them. Instead go for rubber and/or wider and rounded-off studs that are suitable for artificial pitches.

More than 95% of his patients who suffered knee injuries, sustained it on an artificial pitch. Plain reason being, normal boots have narrower & tapered edged studs (blade studs) that will have too much grip, causing stud-locking into the artificial grass. The moment your feet locks into the ground especially when on the move/turn, the knees are the first to be impacted.

He had stressed this to the national soccer team as well as those playing in the S. League. This is also one of the main reasons why most of the pitches in the S.league are still natural cow grass or a better mixture of synthetic and natural combinations. Apparently he also turns out to be one of the Team Doctors for our national soccer team.

So, for the sake of yourselves, your families ,your job and also to prevent from further knee injuries, do invest in a second pair if you're playing on an artificial pitch.

Sorry for this long message, i think there are many who should be made aware of this, and thanks for reading.


So, even if you're a weekend player thinking there is minimal impact on you, without proper gear anything can happen.

LOL, this message isn't intended to psyche you into splurging on another soccer footwear. We are indeed a sports footwear retailer, and if it does indeed influence you to do so, good for us then! ;)

Do your own research, take care, play hard, stay safe...

-Live Life, Live Sports

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